Prologue – Kaito: The Phantom Thief Kite Thursday, May 19 2011 

The magician’s assistant makes a deal with a (cute) Devil … Kaito: The Phantom Thief Kite’s serialization begins!

Click the link above to read the prologue!


Hey everyone! After there being almost nothing here for just about a year, I’m finally putting it out there. Welcome to the prologue of the serialization of my light novel series. It is, of course, heavily modeled after shoujo manga, which means cheesiness and drama abound (including splash titles like the link above. Go figure). Basically, it’s a story filled with love and loss and stealing and demons and pretty much everything I like. It has about a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting actually published, but that’s why I’m posting it here. I’m happy if people are able to see it here and enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Maybe it’s a little arrogant, but really, I think that’s the wish of any writer.

Anyway, if you’re intrigued by this little prologue, I hope you’ll come back for the rest! Also, if you have friends who have a taste for shoujo, please spread the word! Thanks so much for reading.


I Should Probably Post Something Here … Tuesday, May 18 2010 

… if only to get myself started cranking out words more.

Greetings, fellow bloggers. My name is Marina and I’m completely, utterly and totally new to WordPress. Let’s get along as well as possible and all that jazz.

I already have a LiveJournal, but I feel like that’s more for my life and fannish things (yes, I am a fan, and a raging fan at that). This blog is going to be for my writing and reading. I may crosspost occasionally but only if I really feel like it.

So yes, my plans for this blog include drafts, struggle rants, reading reviews, etc. I am, like everyone and their mother, trying to get published, and I’m hoping that I can use this blog as a tool to give myself a hand. Also, I’ll probably be serializing some works that have about a snowball’s chance in hell of being published. I still want people to read them though, so here they’ll be. I hope that having multiple works going at once, one of which will have no pressure attached, will make them feed off of each other.

So yeah, that’s my intro. Sorry there isn’t more, but work wore me out today. See, this is why I need this blog. Keeps my focus.